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The Works Fidget Kit - Oil Slick

The Works Fidget Kit - Oil Slick

Ideal package for the fidget lover. Amazing range of sensory tools, from super soft (caterpillar) to high sensory input (spikey) & everything in between.

We all have different sensory preferences, what you like and the next person will vary, often dramatically. The idea of the works kit is that it covers a very full range of sensory preferences, so there is always one or often many that tick the box completely for each of us.

Perfect if you want to work out which ones best suit.

Save over $20 when you buy the Works.  Total Value over $120. Includes...

  • magic ball
  • NEW (upgrade) small DOUBLE  loop &
  • small centipede
  • spikey
  • the cog &
  • the hand caterpillar

Happy to customise and mix and match colours also - just let us know in the comments section.

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