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Supreme Poker Opti Cards

Supreme Poker Opti Cards

If you’ve always felt playing cards well was an art form, Piatnik agrees with you. This Austrian game company, established in 1824 not only sources the finest environmentally correct raw materials for their playing card but they call on the best designers.
The Supreme Poker Opti Cards features large print numbers and symbols. These standard sized supreme poker cards are essential to keep on hand for players who may experience difficulty in reading standard decks.
Be a digital age rebel by playing with a Piatnik card deck.

Opti Poker Large Index Playing Cards features:

  • Made in Austria.
  • Crafted from FSC certified wood based products.
  • Features large print numbers and symbols.
  • Crafted from high quality card stock.
  • Inks and the varnishes are scrub resistant, high quality and biodegradable.
  • Playing cards are portable. Take them anywhere.
  • Single deck.
  • Presented in a Piatnik box of 55 playing cards. 

Design: Red or Blue
Card Dimensions: 6.3cm (l) x 8.8cm (w).

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