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Star Wars The Clone Wars - A Pandemic System Game

Star Wars The Clone Wars - A Pandemic System Game

A Galaxy at War

Traverse a galaxy where iconic Jedi heroes utilize the familiar gameplay mechanics of the Pandemic series. These, combined with the beloved story and character elements of Star Wars, bring you a unique experience with Star Wars™: The Clone Wars.

Planets under siege populate the game board as players take on the role of legendary Jedi traveling from battle to battle, teaming up and fighting off the Separatist threat. Battle droids attack on sight, and a planet invaded by too many will fall under a blockade, hindering Jedi from liberating it from the enemy or accomplishing missions.

Players must work together to confront the onslaught of droids by moving into their spaces and engaging them in combat, utilizing dice and Squad Cards to deal damage and push back the threat. In between battles, players move from planet to planet, battling more droids, crushing blockades, completing missions to turn the tide of war, and facing off against iconic villains.

Way of the Jedi

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Separatist armies are powerful forces. The only way to defeat them is to take control of legendary heroes from the Clone Wars saga, such as Anakin Skywalker™, Ahsoka Tano™, Obi-Wan Kenobi™, Mace Windu™, Yoda™, Aayla Secura™, and Luminara Undula™, all with their own unique mastery of the force. Each of these heroes is represented by their own detailed and sculpted plastic figure.

In order to fully utilize their Jedi hero, players will also need to take advantage of Squad Cards, which can give the group just the edge they need in and out of combat. These cards come in the form of extra damage, additional armor, ships for traversing space, and familiar allies from Star Wars lore ready to lend a helping hand. Players can use these Squad Cards for themselves or to assist an ally, further solidifying the team based gameplay and strategy.

The Battle for the Republic

Despite the overwhelming number of droids, it will take more than simply slashing them apart to achieve victory. The Separatists have laid siege to many planets, and players will need to undertake a variety of missions in order to gain the advantage and free the Republic. Each mission comes with its own dangers and will require their own strategies, but each one completed brings players one step closer to a final confrontation with the true villains behind the armies.

Droids and blockades are not the most dangerous threat in the galaxy. An iconic villain such as Darth Maul, General Grievous, Asajj Ventress, or Count Dooku moves from planet to planet, hindering the players and using their own special abilities to gain an advantage. Each villain comes with their own unique scenario for players to experience. In order to win the game, the team of Jedi must confront and defeat the villain once and for all.

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