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Speks Super Magnetic Balls (Oil Slick)

Speks Super Magnetic Balls (Oil Slick)

Is it a desk organizer or a desk toy? Speks Super takes all the fun of their original line, and MAKES IT BIG! We're talking really big, as in 33mm!

Each smooth magnetic ball fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Fidget with them for stress relief, or use them to organize paper clips - they’re practical and playful!

Ages: 14 +


  • GOOD THINGS COME IN BIG PACKAGES: Each pack comes stacked with three sleek 33mm (1.3”) magnetic balls made to clack, roll, rack, and attract all of those pesky paperclips hiding on your desk. There’s nothing like ‘em.
  • MAGNETIC SCULPTURE OR DESK TOY?: Stack your Speks Supers and disguise your fun new desk toy as a modern sculpture. We won’t tell, but your boss may catch on after people start coming up to your space to check them out.
  • GO BIG AND BALL OUT: Each big magnetic ball fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Grab 2 to roll around mindlessly or build different shapes with all 3. There’s no wrong way to play with these giant magnets. If you’re relieving stress and bringing a little fun into your daily grind, you’re good to go.
  • DECK OUT YOUR DESK: Speks Super helps you stay organized — and look so good while doing it! Use ‘em to hold pesky paperclips or clack together as a unique way to organize important business cards. Or build a desk sculpture and make your coworkers jealous!
  • NO-BRAINER OFFICE GIFT: Forget gift exchange stress. These magnetic balls are perfect for fidgeters, pen clickers, and cuticle pickers alike. Our stress-relief desk toys are endorsed by all fun co-workers.
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