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SLIMLINE Black Hand Roller 260 gram

SLIMLINE Black Hand Roller 260 gram

Slim and 'soft' to touch, yet weighted. These are now back by request.  These are a heavier version of our slimmer, non metallic hand rollers.  Has the weight needed but a slimmer profile in the hand.  Some prefer a non metallic feel so this is perfect.  

Our slimline range in the 100 gram and 260 gram are our quietest as the body isn’t metal.

Come in a black zip case for storage.  

These are amazing, hard to put into words how wonderfully satisfying these are. They rotate around in the hand, are discreet and therapeutic. Great workplace tool! Great for anxiety and also hand function.

Rotate in your hand, roll between your palms or roll to massage are three great ways you can use them. To gain an idea of how they feel to use - if you have some fat textas on hand place two in the same hand, side by side, and rotate around themselves.

If choosing for a child 10 or younger - the 100 gm generally the better one to select, however it is personal. For 10 and up the heavier weights 160/180/250/260/305 are often preferred, although many adults like the lighter ones also. Most report the heavier ones better to assist with Anxiety.

The lighter weights also better for those that have reduced hand function.

We have many people with dementia find these helpful for decreasing agitation.

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