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Shoot the Loot

Shoot the Loot

Shoot the Loot is a game of fast cash grabbing family fun. Collect cash, pay tax and avoid picking up the fines on your way to one million dollars! It features the unique (and trademark-designed) money gun that can fire hundreds of notes into the air for kids and adults to catch. First to one million dollars wins!

Each game box contains; 1 money & coupon dispenser, 1 crank handle, 1 x small toy money adaptor, 91 bank notes in various denominations, 17 coupons, 20 x blank notes and game rules.

Just take aim and pull the trigger (no batteries required) and let it rain thousands of dollars. Catch as much as you can before it hits the floor as you can’t pick up money, only catch it in mid-air. Grab the million dollar note for the instant win. Collect the most cash for that round and you get to fire the money gun next.

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