Game Box Dirty Charades

Game Box Dirty Charades

Take it in turns of one person from each team acting dirty for 90 seconds at a time. Grab a Dirty Charades Card – tell everyone what dirty category you’re acting out e.g. ‘Sex Toy’ then go for it. Every time your teammates guess correctly put the card in a pile – your ‘Score Pile’ and grab a new card. If you can’t manage one (maybe you’re not dirty enough) put the card on the other team’s ‘Score Pile’ and grab another card.

If you’re in the middle of acting when the 90-second time limit is up – the other team are allowed to have one guess to try to win the card for their ‘Score Pile’. If they’re wrong the card goes to the bottom of the main pile of Dirty Charades Cards.

Winning the Game

The team with the most Dirty Charades Cards in their ‘Score Pile’ after every player has acted twice are declared the Dirtiest Team and win the game.