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Frescobol - Byron

Frescobol - Byron

Beautiful Brazilian Frescobol paddle set, hand crafted from two-tone bamboo

Massively popular on the famous beaches of Brazil, we thought it fitting that top notch versions of this great beach paddle ball game should be available in Australia. Our aim was to release world class Frescobol sets that were on a par with the very best sets found in Europe and Brazil. Unlike equivalent top notch Frescobol sets, ours are not over priced. Our mission was to make genuine Frescobol sets accessible to all and without compromising on quality. We strongly encourage you to compare our Frescobol to others selling at $250 to $300.

Frescobol 'Byron' is crafted from light and dark bamboo. Bamboo exists naturally in two primary tones and we've used them both to achieve our classic 'longboard' design. These high performance paddles are built to last and  finished in a protective clear varnish to beautify and protect against the elements. Each bat has a high quality black PU leather grip for comfort.

The two regulation 56mm Frescobol balls are "slow" rated so they don't have excessive bounce and provide better feel with each shot. The tough canvas shoulder bag is made from 20oz natural canvas and is internally lined to protect the bats and help keep the sand out.

This set includes:

2 bamboo paddles
2 slow-rated Frescobol balls
1 20oz canvas shoulder bag

As the bats are individually crafted from natural materials, minor variations in timber tone may occur.

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