Doodletops Design Kit

Doodletops Design Kit

Product Details

This fantastic bundle includes 2 spinning tops, 6 interchangeable pens, 20 sheets of art paper, and a Design Tray. Load a pen, spin the Doodletop, and watch the squiggly designs come to life! Ages 5+.


The Doodletop is a classic spinning top with a coloured pen in the centre. Place it on top of a piece of paper, give it a spin, and watch the curly and colourful designs take shape before your very eyes! And now, the Doodletop Design Kit takes it to the next level, with a bunch of bonus gear to keep kids 5 years and older entertained for hours!

The design kit features two Doodletops and six interchangeable pens of different colours. So, you can spin two at a time, and watch the coloured curls battle it out for a place on the paper! The kit also comes with a massive twenty sheets of high-quality art paper and a design tray to work on top of.