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Carcassonne Big Box

Carcassonne Big Box

The countryside surrounding the city of Carcassonne is full of all sorts of interesting people and places. Dive into this world and discover a countryside filled with cities, monasteries, roads, fields, and much more with the Carcassonne Big Box! Combining the original tile-laying classic with eleven of its expansions, the big box is the perfect starter set for Carcassonne fans and anyone who wants to experience the 2001 Spiel des Jahres winner with as much variety as possible. Place your knights, monks, thieves, and farmers alongside meeples with unique abilities such as abbots, mages, and more as you expand your influence and score as many points as possible. With more than 150 landscape tiles and 80 meeples, Carcassonne is yours to explore with the Carcassonne Big Box.

Key Selling Points

• The perfect entry point into the world of Carcassonne for both veteran and new players
• Contains the base game and eleven expansions, allowing you to experience everything Carcassonne has to offer
• Includes over 150 landscape tiles and seven different kinds of meeples
• Play the expansions in any combination to ensure a unique experience every time you play
• Features an updated rulebook that covers how all of the expansions interact with each other

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