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Bondi Sundance Ziricote Concert Electric Ukulele

Bondi Sundance Ziricote Concert Electric Ukulele

Ziricote is one of the best tone woods you (probably) haven't heard of! It's a darker wood with a cocoa-like hue and fascinating highlights and it has beautiful striping that reminds me of maple. The specific striping varies from ukulele to ukulele, but the tops are book matched to have that stripe run right down the middle.


Tonally, these ukes are crystal clear with good projection and a balanced tone. This projection is very useful if you play in an ensemble or just need your uke to be on the louder side.


Since the wood speaks for itself, maple binding is used on the body to accentuate the ziricote. Mahogany is used for the neck and is favoured by luthiers for its stability and strength. A rosewood fretboard increases sustain and the headstock is capped off with a honeycomb maple inlay.


The body is finished in a durable high gloss top coat to emphasize the natural beauty of the wood.

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