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Bondi Bliss Kalimba

Bondi Bliss Kalimba

Bamboo is a highly sustainable tone "wood" that's been highly sought after for it's extreme durability and rich tones. It's been gaining popularity with luthiers over the past few years, and you can now get a Kalimba made from this beautiful, natural material.

The Bondi Bliss Kalimba features a full 17 key (or tine) register. This is the most flexible configuration. Beginners can use the inner 10 keys for simplicity, while intermediate and advanced players will enjoy the tonal flexibility of the full 17 keys.

Cheaper Kalimbas can be rough on your thumbs. But not Bondi Kalimbas! The tines are highly polished with smooth rounded edges. The tips of the tines have a slight downward bend for smoother and easier playing.

The Bondi Bliss Kalimba has a lovely watercolour finish that highlights the natural grain features of the bamboo. Every Kalimba comes with a foamcore case with a luxurious plush interior that provides maximum protection of your instrument. You'll also get a tuning hammer, cleaning cloth, and guide stickers for the keys.

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