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Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Features multiple scenarios, a different lay-out with every game, and enough chills to freeze the heart of any horror fan. Take a deep breath before you enter. It might be your last.

The creak of footsteps on the stairs, the smell of something foul and dead, the feel of something crawling down your back – this and more can be found this award-winning and highly acclaimed game of strategy and horror.

Take a deep breath. . .it could be your last.

Fear grows with every new room discovered in a house filled with dreadful monsters and deadly secrets.

Enormous Replayability

With 50 fiendish scenarios and dozens of danger filled rooms, a new haunted house is built room by room, creating a new story every time you play.

In each room, you might find something. . .or something might find you.

Suspense and excitement quickly build as players encounter spirits and frightening omens that foretell their fate.

The haunt awaits.

As you brave your way through each unique room, you and the other explorers must rely on each other to survive the horrors that await…

Until the house turns one of you against the rest.

  • Character cards
  • Pre-painted plastic figures
  • Special tokens
  • Award-Winning Experience
  • Origins Awards Gamers’ Choice Award Winner

    Japan Boardgame Prize Best Advanced Game Nominee

    2006 Games 100 Family Game Honorable Mention

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