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3 Dimensional puzzles National Geographic

3 Dimensional puzzles National Geographic

Iconic buildings come to life with these incredibly detailed puzzles.

London is a living and constantly changing city.
From venerable Westminster Abbey to the Tower of London’s imposing facades, it’s all here: the great historical sites, newer destinations.

Explore all the attractions and curiosities of the fashion capital ? New York City.  With untold thousands of iconic sites, museums, shops, and restaurants to explore, you can take in scores of New York’s offerings in an action-packed week.

Venture into India's illustrious past and experience its rich cultures and wild places with CITY TRAVELER.Celebrate the rich heritage of India on a journey through the cultural heart of the country. Explore exquisitely carved fortresses and temples, and gaze at the magnificent Taj Mahal.
Colour instructions with detailed illustrations of the original architecture included.

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